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Hi Owen,

These are all really great workarounds. Thanks for putting together this tutorial. However I am more interested in finding out whether there are plans to fix the core problem here which is,

a) Maya's "in use" criteria is pretty naive and doesn't seem to handle default nodes that haven't been used yet, or extension attributes, very well.

Just because a plugin added a default node doesn't mean the scene is actually using it. So either Maya should allow for more nuanced meanings for "in use", and/or it should encourage (by either raising an error/warning) plugin writers to only add default nodes on first-use of their tools.

Expanding the meaning of "in use" will also help reduce those spurious "unsaved changes" dialogs you get even when you haven't modified your scene.

b) Plugins need to make sure they delete any of their default nodes that aren't being used in uninitializePlugin. So plugins either need to maintain their own "really in use" flag, or use a new and improved Maya "in use" feature.

Is this something that could be addressed in future releases of Maya?



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