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Thanks Nelson.

Be aware, it affects MANY mental ray nodes including bump for mia_material, hdr for user_ibl to anything requiring certain connections.

This also affects custom and in-house shaders. Please push this forward!

In regards to the Drag + Drop. I'm not sure if I fully understand the issue. Can you provide steps as to what exactly you are doing.

I can drag and drop nodes from the hypershade to AE without any issues.

In regards to the mental ray texture issue I can reproduce it and have logged this with our development team. While I could not map a texture through the Attribute editor I could push the connection through with connectAttr command.

ie. connectAttr -f file1.message mib_lookup_spherical1.tex;

Yeah, drag+drop works in the Node Editor, but not in the Attribute Editor now. sigh.

I'm having an embarrassing problem.

Create a mib_lookup_spherical for example. Where there used to be a texture connection for a mentalrayTexture node, there's now "map" but it's greyed out. I cannot seem to access it or connect anything unless I use the connection editor.

This is true of a LOT of mental ray nodes where there was a texture or shader connection. I cannot seem to get this confirmed because it's apparently difficult for people to get a download completed.

Can you confirm this? Is this some UI change and I'm not operating it correctly?

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