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I have recently installed Fedora 16 again and found that the gconf-editor was not taking the change however dconf was.

yum install dconf-tools

In terminal type: dconf-editor

Go down to org -> gnome -> desktop -> wm -> preferences -> mouse-button-modifier

Set this to new value

Sorry for this comment on an old post.
I have long sought a way to use the Super key or other instead of Alt key.
I also followed your advice, but did not succeed.
I use GNOME Shell under Ubuntu. In Unity or Gnome fallback environment your solution works, but not in Gnome Shell. How could I do to solve this problem and use Maya in Gnome Shell?
Thank you!

Hello Nelson.

I'm trying to run Maya on Fedora 16 KDE, I managed to install all the dependent libraries apparently, but now I get a "License was not obtained, error 20". I followed the documentation instructions, my serial number is correct (I use it on the same computer with Windows already). Is there any special trick to make it work?

Thank you.

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