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Windows doesn't help, we have Win 7 64-bit and OS X and both have their issues. If you are a Nuke user too the Windows version can be up to 20% slower than the Linux and Mac versions. Considering the origins of Maya (Poweranimator and Wavefront mashed together) and how long the code has been worked on and added onto it is not surprising the issues. I do wish Autodesk would do a feature locked release where they just spend all their efforts optimizing and bug squashing on the various platforms.

This totally blows. I'm so tired of OSX issues. I don't blame Autodesk. I think most of the trouble is with Apple. Hello Windows 7.

It depends somewhat on the nature of the release. People with macs tend to be more aggressive with upgrading so we wanted to be prepared for what could happen and this is what we've found. Given these issues we're not comfortable saying 10.7 is certified.

Cory, it would help if you could clarify this statement. I have heard several times that Autodesk does not test existing versions of Maya against new releases of the OSes for which it has been qualified. It is not clear if Autodesk has now changed that policy or if participating in the beta tests for OS X is limited to yet to be released versions.

For example, your own qualification charts are not updated to reflect compatibility with new releases of OS X. The compatible OS is always what was current (and sometimes not even that), at the time you were testing.


If that has changed, bravo. If not, then I'm not sure what you're trying to say.

For the record, Autodesk does participate in the betas and provide feedback.

I made a switch 4 years ago, couldn't be happier. This isn't just with Maya but lots of software. Any time something new comes out in the VFX area, most of the time Mac users miss out on something, or it takes longer for patches and initial release.

This totally blows. I'm so tired of OSX issues. I don't blame Autodesk. I think most of the trouble is with Apple. Hello Windows 7.

I find it disappointing that Autodesk chooses not to participate in the OS X betas to make sure Apple releases something that works for us. Please consider acting in a manner that is consistent your expect of your own customers. Log bugs DURING the beta cycle, rather than after.

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