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Thank you! I just installed maya on my computer... I just didn't INSTALL Direct Connect 6!! :D

How can i install autodesk Maya 2012 to my Mac os x lion 10.7.2 ? I am a student studying in 3D animation and i just brought my new MacBook Pro. Are there any way I can install the software(Maya 2012)?

*Plz help me, i really need to do my work

Thxx :))

just bought Maya 2012 and cannot save a .mov file. I can see it rendering and when it is finished the file disappears. What gives?

I am on a Macpro with the recommended Autodesk requested system softwareand this is the 3rf update I have bought-all previous versions work fine...

Update, the installer said install had failed, but in applications folder, maya is there and loads fine!

Ok so its now 2012 now, why isn't this fixed yet Autodesk?!
I installed on my brand new mac 2 days ago, activated and it loaded/worked fine.
I stuffed up a user folder move so completely wiped the lot and re-installed lion.
Just re-downloaded and re-installed maya on the fresh system but installer telling me system is too new and wont complete.
Any ideas peeps?
Thanks in advance

Thanks Paul.T, worked fine after unchecking Direct Connect 6.0 in the installation.. except that the installation froze at the very end but worked to force the program to close.

Next up will be to see how stable it is but so far it saved my winter / summer :)

PS. Talking about the student version of Maya 2012 on Mac OS X 10.7.2

Hi... I wanna know how to install Maya 2012, should't or should I choose Direct Connect 6.0? ... what is that? it's not important at all? can someone explain to me step by step.. Please....

I am running mac os 10.6.8 and maya 2012 is no starting at all! The icon just jumps a few times up and down in the dock and thats it.

BUT when i run the app as a root user it works! Any ideas anyone?

It was really disappointing having all the installation process to tell me my System is too new!!!


So I am using the free education download of Maya 2012 on OSX Lion. I am having some issues with slow response times selecting vertexes in the viewport. I want to make sure I have the latest build of Maya 2012 but I can't tell whether this education version is the latest release? Is it hot fix 4? Or is it Service Pack One? And out of the two I just mentioned which one is the current version? I'm going to assume Service pack one. And I assume autodesk updated the education download page with this latest build. But when I go to "about" maya there is no mention of the version.

Thanks for any insight.

I don't know what all the complaining is about I am running maya 2012 just fine on two different systems. One is an iMac and the other is a mac pro. Both run lion.

Everyone is certainly entitled to his or her opinion - but it does work.

My experience is I can't blame AD on this. I switched over to Win7 for all my work and to a degree, I'm a un-abashed Apple FanBoy. But..... no NVidia support on MacPros, continuous video driver issues, the absolute complete inability to back out a video driver and quite frankly, ridiculous prices for servers (Apple currently lists a 12 core MacPro base system for the LOW price of $5000. Just got an ASUS 1U rackmount 2x Xeon 2.4Ghx Westmere Hex Core with 24Gb Ram, 1Tb disk for about $2600 from Newegg)

I did as ayacalip said and it has installed just fine. I am going to use it now and see if it is stable or not. What is "Direct Connect 6" for anyways

Besides, What if I can install Maya 2011 on Lion or not? Is Maya 2011 better and more stable than Maya 2012?

Anyone knows?

to Snurble and Paul T:

I successfully installed Maya2012 without choosing "Direct Connect 6"
But.... i find that the shutdown time of Lion becomes longer.. so strange!!

much longer

do you have this problem? and do you know how to solve? :(


And sorry for shouting, but Paul T. you are a God amongst men.

After reading all of this, I just wanted to say that you can actually install Maya 2012 on OS X 10.7 Lion. Just simply choose in the installation options menu not to install the Direct Connect 6.0, as that seems to be the only part acting up. Other than that, Maya 2012 runs smooth as silk on OS X Lion :]

hmm so is there any version of maya that works well with os x lion? or what? what do you guys suggest?

Hah, they don't plan on fixing it until 2013 comes out, that's the answer I got from calling customer service

hi.... i also have the same question: when we will be able to install maya 2012 on os x lion without any problems does anybody know?

any news from autodesk how close is this to happen?

does anyone now when autodesk maya will be available to instal on mac os x10.7 (lion) thanks

Mac is not about serious computing, its about teenyboppers with Ipods and Ipads. Mac computers blow! I just screwed up and blew major wad on a powermac G5 when I shoulda just got a Dell! I liked mac in the past for stabiliy that's why I bought a mac for doing adobe work and maya. Well it was a mistake! OS 9 was the last real good system! OS 10 has been crap from the beggining and getting worse with each new version! To hell with Mac!

I saw this workaround in another forum. Just change 2010 to 2012 I would imagine.

Open Terminal
use cd to navigate to your Maya installer
sudo open “Install Maya 2010.app” [enter]

You’ll be prompted for your admin password before the installer pops up and again during the install process.

source: http://area.autodesk.com/forum/autodesk-maya/autodesk-maya-2012/mac-os-x-107-lion-support-for-maya-on-the-mac

I don't know what I did, but Maya 2012 demo version is running on Lion fine.

any update on when maya 2012 will work with Lion? I just tried installing and the installer won't even run. :)


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