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my pen works fine clicking everywhere on the Maya UI whether it's on the shelf or anything really. but when i use my mouse nothing works except for scrolling and panning and stuff, can't click anything on the UI. Wacom Intuos4 by the way. but seriously this version has been out for over a year and still no fix? can it really be that hard to fix?

Removing preferences seem to solve the cursor position somewhat, but clicking shelf of menu items still has no effect about 80% of the time for me (feels I have to really stomp down my wacom pen for maya to register any kind of input), so that's still a mayor issue...

It's basically a miss-alignment between the Wacom Tablet and the Maya UI. Try it by removing your Wacom preferences with the "Wacom Tablet Preference File Utility". This will also remove the calibration settings.

Wacom Cintiq12 - Maya 2012 - Windows7 64bit

I found that if I don't calibrate my Wacom Tablet the UI clicking issues goes away. I now have 2 preferences. One in which I calibrated the tablet and one without the calibration for Maya. What I think happens is that once you calibrate the tablet Maya miss-reads the cursor position and therefore doesn't think you activated a menu button.

I would like also to add that I am not using my pen in mouse mode.

I would like to second Steve's comment. I haven't had a Wacom since Maya 2009 but I certainly noticed a ton of troubles clicking menus etc in 2011 prio to one of the updates and it seems that 2012 has the very same issues. I can't select into forms (e.g. to change the value in an attribute) and I can't select a window (e.g. when I am trying to select the main viewer to do a screen render). these issues make 2012 almost unusable. Using a Wacom Intuos 4 Mac OSX 10.6.7.

Odd - i've been having constant problems with my Wacom and Maya since version 2009. Frequent, intermittent freezes when performing simple pen gestures causes Maya to crash horribly with no warning. Haven't had a chance to test out with 2012 since installing last week though. I'm running on OS X. Qt definitely introduced some major performance bugginess in Maya 2011.

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