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@Angel: Batch Render is working here with all the latest Snow Leopard updates installed.

Hi!, I didn't find a contact mail or something in your blog, and I would share this important information with you. Sorry for my bad english!


I would like to warn you about the risk of install the new "Graphic update of SnowLeopard". Since I did it, I haven't done Batch Render yet with Mental Ray in Maya 2011. And in these days when I tried it didn't work. I tried everything and finally I suspected one of the updates, then I went to my office because there are more computers without system updates, and I could try what kind of system updates crashed MR. And I discovered that the problem was with the "Graphics update of SnowLeopard" it makes Batch Render not work. I tried with a MacBook Pro, 1 MacPro and 2 iMacs.

I hope that it helps you, Best regards.

Ignore my last comment. I should think before typing.

Does the Mac OS X version of Director Studio even work? The Subscription Advantage Pack comes with 10.1.3 and 10.1.4 has been released with Maya 64-bit support.

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