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It is interesting that substance renders just fine with mentalray in max 2011 adv pack....!!! (insert long angry rant, about how max gets both iray and substance, while maya gets a remotecontrolled car... sigh!)

Also if I copy the mi and include files from the max install, I start to get a color that looks right, but no texture, I think it is because it has not been adjusted for maya UV's

Cool. Thanks. I guess I didn't listen to the video close enough :)

Mike, substance is software only, but you can bake out the texture for use in mental ray.

"Substance" textures (feature in Adv. Pack) won't render in mental ray. Works fine with Maya Software render however.

The mr render in render view displays the right material but none of the textures render. I tried with Lambert and Blinn and with different Substance files but they only rendered properly with Maya Software.

I'll stick with Vanilla Maya2011_sp1. Version 1.0 of new features are usually not ready for production use anyway.

Thanks Owen :)

Good question.

The Subscription Advantage pack includes Maya 2011 Service Pack 1. this keeps the two installations in sync.

So, for a list of bug fixes in the Maya 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack , read this:




Will this be updated when new maya fixes are out? so they will keep in sync - and not. Are they the same maya version so a studio can have both Subscription Advantage Packs and non-SAP maya versions working on same project?

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