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I dont seem to find any difference when I turn on or off the Light Emission with 7/7 Quality U/V when "Environment lighting mode" is turned on ( different than "off")? When I boost the Quality of the U/V and turn off the ELM, I get a completely different result. I am using Maya 2011 though, is this bug fixed there, and can you please tell me what's the true IBL - When Light Emission is on or when Environment lighting mode is on?

I love your posts here, at least they tell the truth.


I've been using it for quite a while now. I never had problems with it.

My bad, first section should be:

setAttr -type "string" miDefaultOptions.stringOptions[35].name "environment lighting mode";

The new built-in IBL (not exposed) which is the workaround is preferred. Comparable to Vray and faster when used with the progressive sampler.

setAttr -type "string" miDefaultOptions.stringOptions[35].name "environment lighting";
setAttr -type "string" miDefaultOptions.stringOptions[35].type "string";
setAttr -type "string" miDefaultOptions.stringOptions[35].value "light";

setAttr -type "string" miDefaultOptions.stringOptions[36].name "environment lighting quality";
setAttr -type "string" miDefaultOptions.stringOptions[36].type "float";
setAttr -type "string" miDefaultOptions.stringOptions[36].value "1.0";

setAttr -type "string" miDefaultOptions.stringOptions[37].name "environment lighting shadow";
setAttr -type "string" miDefaultOptions.stringOptions[37].type "string";
setAttr -type "string" miDefaultOptions.stringOptions[37].value "transparent";

1.0 is extremely high quality, drop to about .2 to start. And you can change the lighting mode to "approximate" instead of "light" for a less accurate but faster render.

The old Light Emission mode is sooooo out of date and useless. Take a look at Vray :) niceeeeeee

Hi, has this issue been addressed in SP 1 for maya 2011?

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