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when i try to install it with msi file it just quits and says 'the wizard was interrupted before autodesk maya 2011 32-bit could be completely installed. your system has not been modified. to complete installation at another time, please run setup again.'
how can i install it?

We are running Maya2011 Subscription Advantage Pack in TwinView with Option "Overlay" "ON" in the Screen section of xorg.conf. We still get the old screen shot/flicker problem. Any help to get rid of this would be greatly appreciated.


We have huge problem, with using Maya 2011 on Linux. We cannot change our current system setup (CentOS 5.5) so we need to have fully working Maya without compiz enabled. The main problem is that Maya UI is flickering while using marking menus or hotbox. Do you have any ideas how to resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance!

Try setting the MAYA_SET_PARENT_HINT=1 environment variable in Maya.env. This forces 'child' windows to be parented to the main Maya window.

Be warned tho' that KDE is not the Autodesk qualified windows manager, and that 'child' windows on KDE may be missing the minimise/maximise buttons.


On a hotbox related note, would you guys have any idea why on KDE when you open a window, say outliner, from the hotbox it always opens under the main Maya window.
Whereas when you open outliner from the menu it opens above the main Maya window.

Ideally we always want it to open above the main window as it's a pain to keep minimising the main window to find it. No amount of KDE 'Focus Stealing Prevention' workaround tinkering seemd to be able to fix it.

(Using CentOS 5.5 - which comes with KDE 3.5)


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