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So I found out how the 'new user' trick works for me with an iMac i7 & ATI gfx card using os 10.6.3, It sucks but I can't revert to .6.2.

Maya 2010 works for me when I do: a clean boot to a user/open Maya/close Maya/log out/login to new user/open maya

Without opening Maya with the first user I was SOL.

I hope this helps!

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Just downgrade back to 10.6.2 and everything works fine again.

(Snowleopard DVD in restart while holding down the C Button - next upgrade to 10.6.1 then 10.6.2.

Just did this yesterday and my 2010 works again.

I have tried all the tricks to get Maya 2010 working with 10.6.3 and nothing has worked. If anyone else has anything that got them up and working again I would love to hear from you!

There are issues with 2011 and 10.6.3. The layer buttons don't work right and a few other issues. I downgraded back to 10.6.2 and everything works fine. 10.6.4 was just beta released to developers (one would assume that included AD) and in particular graphic driver fixes seem to be in the works so one can only hope. The new MacPro's (Hexacore!!) are due out soon and those will probably require 10.6.4 for drivers so hopefully the wait will not be too soon.

I cant find any opengl profiler.

but would like to have a well functioning maya 2010.

should I just wait and suffer until autodesk and apple solved the problem?

2011 works fine in 10.6.3 from what I can tell. The 2010 problems need the window fix posted above.

Thanks edj, these settings helped me too! :-)

Apple seems to have released an update to 10.6.3.


If you're reluctant to upgrade, I've found that using OpenGL Profiler to start Maya 2010 with a custom pixel format enabled works.

Start OpenGL Profiler. Add Maya 2010 to the Application list at the top. If it's already there, make sure that it's highlighted by clicking it. Open the Launch Settings section and check Use custom pixel format, and then click Edit. Click Attributes at the bottom to slide out the attributes list (if it isn't already open), and double click the following attributes.


Set the value of each of these to 1. Then launch Maya by clicking the Launch button in Profiler's main window.

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