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Sorry, just to clarify, it is still the same behavior with references that have overrides applied on layers that then get de-referenced/unloaded.

Not 100% the same, but we see the same error behavior.

Just an FYI, but this behavior is NOT fixed in 2012.

It is still a major issue. Granted, we have placed/placing the code in our startup routines for all users, but it is still broken (material overrides) unless you explicitly switch layers.


is there any way I can make the fixRenderLayerOutAdjustmentErrors; execute every time when opening a scene?

the command fixes my problem but after saving and reopening the problem it back.

Hi, thx for the workaround tip.
By the way.... that scripts("unloadReference.py") does not work with Referenced Render Layers in your scene.

always saving scenes with the masterlayer applied seems to help...

I'm always wondering why the universe keeps creating spheres in every creation, been a supernova, galaxy, planet, star, it is always a sphere, maybe we should pay attention to the sacred geometry that the ancient cultures use.

Kiernan, you're dead right, what I wrote was ambiguous.
So, the script unloadReference.py needs to be used in versions of Maya up to and including Maya 2010.
I edited the post already. Thanks for flagging it!


Awesome, thanks for the fix. When you mean "as it's only a problem up to Maya 2010". Does this mean Maya 2010 fixes this problem?

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