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Hope the 2011 release is more stable then the privies one. Interesting if it based on the same engine or there is new one more suitable for mac.

I started working on Maya in 2004, during first year of animation studies. Sure, it runs heavy on Mac but I find it hard to work with other programs, knowing what I can do on Maya, in the 3D aspect.

why is the colour picker not working on my machine? Windows7 x64, Nvidia GTX260. I can use the wheel, but not the sliders? I can not change the HSV values either. They jummp either to the left or right side?


1) trial of autodesk maya for linux

2) autodesk maya for debian/ubuntu .deb

i'm a student and want to try it!

Been trying to download the mac demo for 2 days now.

This akamai crap hasn't downloaded a damned thing. Tried in 4 browsers multiple times.

Why don't they put up a legal torrent somewhere or offer the file split into zips or rars.


I updated the links already...I think the url changed last night when I wasn't looking.


The qualified hardware page is 404'ed.

As a mac animator, this release will likely bring maya back into our studio.

The 2011 release is great, thats for sure!! But to be fair the 2010 release was a joke. So 2011 is "two" years of development on a product that needed a heavy update to keep users (new and small studios) on the maya platform.
While the update is great it still bugs me that it is an update that mostly are for animators and mac users - while thats great, what happened with mental ray? Should 3.8 with iRay support be a part of the next release, Mental Images promised us (in the iRay demo video on mental images site). And while the Mental Ray integration works it's not great.
But the thing that bugs me the most is "Maya Composite"... what the hell :) Who uses it (Nuke are gonna overtake the marked, shake and fusion are gonna die slowly)?! face it, toxic is dead and a rebrand will not keep it alive so for god sake please stop wasting time and money on a dead product while Maya needs bugfix and features to keep up with stuff like ICE, Quicksilver etc.... but anyway, 2011 makes me so happy, I can't wait to find it on our subscription page.... and please keep us updated with all the little features that's included, I love finding new videos on area or youtube that shows the power of 2011. Congrats!! - To all of us :) Have a nice weekend!

Any info on which version of MR will ship with it? Will there be support for mip shaders or do we still need to go in the back door? What about Mental Mill support for Maya?

very beefy release, can't wait to test it out!

Can you guys release it yesterday please?

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