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sorry, guys. It is not working!!!
please do the following to check:

Set your sampling to 0/2 and assign the "surfaceShader1" to all geometrie in the scene.
(I know its not pretty, but that is not the point..)
Then render the scene as it is with passes added to the renderlayer "layer1" and without added passes.
The rendertime will be 3x times higher with passes !!!

ps: 2 of your "writeToColorBuffer" nodes had been set by mistake to evaluation Mode "Allways"
But this made no differents to the problem above... so if I'm not wrong the MRpasses still don't work at all... :(

great post, thanks for sharing this. i'm sitting in prman land for the moment, but this'll be good to know if i ever venture back 'home'.

I really appreciate this, thanks you very much for your help.

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