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I've tried the windows version...and it's pretty lack-lustre to begin with...so I don't have high hopes it will be any better on the mac.

At the moment, I cant even log into the mac's webinterface....has anyone been able to figure out what password you need?

Well this sucks! When will there be a release of backburner does what it is suppose to do!! Render over a network :/ Follow the thread on cg society above... Can't get it to work with submitting to another manager.

Thats great but dosn't work over network. I have searched around for an answer a looks like I'm not the only one who can't submit a job to another manager on the network.


Great :) Does anyone have some pipeline stuff that makes backburner a bit easier to use :) Like Maya 2010, After Effects and Nuke scripts? That works on Mac of course :)

Ash: Is it likely that the next version of maya has a build in Backburner submitter? Or that the GUI stuff on windows is coming to the mac?

The Docs are referring to the XP. for Mac Please use the link above

In the help/installation pdf: For Maya, use the application DVD to install all needed Backburner components... Yes but my DVD dosn't have any Backburner components... where are they? The "Install Backburner 2010.2-1452" does not include all the components like the help file suggests... Please help :)

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