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Actually, C++ API is too old and you need to correct so many things in the API before trying to compile anything out of it!

I preferred Mel and Python when it comes to Maya, barely seen C++ masters around high-profile studios, Something like 95% is Mel and Python, unless pour performance needed.


have you got any resources on how maya's wrap deformer works? is it multithreaded/hard-coded?
im using c++ daily 6 years now, stl and boost libs 3 years but im afraid maya's api is *not* that friendly for developers.


Ah, come on Kevin, that was five years ago, we all have to start somewhere with MotionBuilder, LOL, and now I even have a few other tricks under my belt ;)

:-) Have you sorted out the art of retargeting yet?

Hey ya, the "here is some more information on Python" link goes to anther posting I did on Python on the pro's and con's of it.

Sorry, no cool link to a book about Python :(


That "(here is some more information on Python)" link doesn't really work. Goes to the same picture you use. Im guessing that should go to a kickass book about python

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