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I got a problem when i used it in a loop Function with mel..
my case is simple:

string $faceSl[] = `ls -sl -fl`;

for($i=0; $i<`size $$faceSl`; $i++)

string $fc[] = `python "getFaceCenters.faceCenter()"`;
//print $fc;
spaceLocator -p $fc[1] $fc[2] $fc[3];

then i've selected 2 faces but it didn't work for multiply faces.. it's okay for one face, but it's not for more than that..
what should i do?

note: i had to rename the downloaded file "getfacefenters-1.py" to "getFaceCenters"
to make it work.


I tried to use it and it didn't work very well for me,I ran a few checks to see if I wrote something wrong and then realized your script is perfect, The mistake was mine! :)

Thank you for sharing this, it's pretty interesting to know about it. I was looking for it a few days back and fortunately I found it.

Hmm... the manipMoveContext query seems to return the center of the face's bounding box, so that only works for square polygons.

a quick and dirty alternative to this that is much faster and shorter it to simply query the position of the move Manipulator:

setToolTo moveSuperContext;
select object.face[0];
vector $pos = `manipMoveContext -q -p Move`;

cool, so how does this differ from display>polygon>face center? or center pivot?

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