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I stand corrected. I did not realize this was all handled with Match Mover. I take it all back. And now I can say it once again and mean every word. Autodesk, I love you.

Why are these the only file formats supported? This is Autodesk we're talking about here. Even blender has support for way more common video file types such as Mpeg, Avi, Flv, etc. Having to conform or convert to much more obscure file types like mov.8 is not only tedious but ridiculous. Shame on you Autodesk. I love everything about your products and usually fully believe in them and support them but your narrow level of thinking with file format acceptance on this one is a serious let down. Especially for what most people in the industry consider to be leading professional grade software, you would EXPECT more multifaceted file support. Tsk tsk.

psd support is only for flat psd ! no support for multilayer psd. Importing all layers into a reaction with materials opacity/transfert would rocks ...

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