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Did maya publish a fix for windows 7?

I think most machines on windows 7 are having problems man...

Come on autodesk, I need to render now.
I have installed my windows7, and all my render is stuck with maya 64bit. Please autodesk. Fix it up.

Are we still really waiting on a fix for this Windows 7 Problem? This is RIDICULOUS, Maya won't even open now. Come on Autodesk, push out the fix all ready

I installe MR satellite on a win7_64 machine. MR won't use that machine because it says that the machine actively refuses the connection. firewall is off. is that any "security" of win7?

I am using Windows 7 64 bit version, and when I try to install iTunes, it won't let me install it. Any suggestions?

@Posted by: Renderman | 25/01/2010 at 09:52 AM

error windows 7 d3x9_36.dll missing
on acer 7736g

Solution: search for file "d3x9_" in windows search and you will find a file named d3x9_36.dll, rename it to d3x9_39.dll and you are done...

Install direct X 9 . Even if you have Dx 10 or 11 you need Dx 9

Same as mike for me on an HP pavillon intel i5

error windows 7 d3x9_39.dll missing
on acer 7736g

but there´s a compatibility error mith maya2010 and max 2010 on the same machine:

when maya starts "splash.dll is missing"
but after clicking OK maya works fine:

Autodesk Solution:
add this to the file Maya.env:

Maya is working fine with Windows 7, i have tested it

Well, I feel a bit nervous. I just purchased Maya 2010 and I'm searching for a machine at this moment, and they all seem to come with Windows 7. I hope Most of my experience with Maya on Windows 7 as a newbie is positive.

i want to answer that question
windows 7 support to maya software

Just a matter of time and everything will be fixed.

I'm cool with this announcement too! It make sense to me, it’s the type of reassuring I needed to hear from AD. Now, if Apple can just fix SL; will stop all the whining, so we can move on to discuss real issues!

I have NOT had issues with most things on Windows 7 RC with Qualified Hardware. For the most part it's been smooth sailing.

You will find a lot of current generation software is not designed for OSes that were released after their own initial release. That's pretty normal.

So Autodesk decided that they would not take the opportunity to participate in the Windows 7 beta and get issues fixed -before- the release but instead chose to wait until it's too late. Now we'll have to wait for a service pack from Apple, Microsoft AND Autodesk to get Maya 2010 to run on the two major current OSes.

This is NOT GOOD. What am I paying subscription fees for again?

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