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Hi Ash Aiad,
thank you for reply.
I found a solution these days, but it doesn't always work.
And i found another problem related to use of mantalray renderProxies.

In the file in attachment i put 3 tests:
Test A is the problem i had in origin:
an object with 1 or more Place3dTexture Node exported in Mentalimage filetype as "renderProxie"
(as you move the LowRes Placeholder textures slide)

Test B is the solution i found:
i've created the "texture Reference Object" of my object and parented the place3dTexture node with him before exporting the MentalImage RenderProxy.
(in this case textures stay locked)

Test C
The case with The "Texture Reference Object" problem (unsolved)
In this case as i create the "TRO" something goes wrong because the render doesn't work anymore even in hires scene. (textures were mixed in a strange way)

(i hope it is clear).

The other Problem i found:
in case you use the "use optimized textures" setting in preferences with the Mentalray RenderProxies, MentalRay search ".Map" files inside "\sourceimages\cache\" (like set in preferences) but starting from the "MentalRay" project folder and then from "projetcName\renderdata\MentalRay\sourceimages\cache\"
I just copied map files in that folder and all worked fine.


Hope you can tell me something about the strange mixing problem and that this post will be helpful for someone.
thanks again and..
may Maya be with you all.

Can you please post a sample file

hi all again
I have posted a thread @area:


Hi Ash Aiad,
i've got a similar problem even in Maya 2010.

The problem isn't related to UVs but concern the "place3dtexture" node. The texture applied slides when you move the low poly render proxy container.

any suggestions

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