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I like the way you represent the whole concept.

This is a built-in function called by the Python print statement to compute the “informal” string representation of an object.

python ("round (1.555, 1)")
// Result: 1.6 //

See :


I'll add your comment to that post. Thanks.


Hello, thanks for the python goodness

If you happen to talk to some random guy/girl working on mel, can you please ask for a 'rounding' function instead of having to write something such as:

proc float round(float $val,float $dec){
    $sign = `sign $val`;
    float $dec = `pow 10 $dec`;
    $val = (int) (($val + $sign*5/($dec*10)) * $dec);
    $val = ($val / $dec);
    return $val;

each time i want to round a number

Nice :) Great stuff - very usefull.

And Welcome! Looking forward to more post you.

But for AutoDesk in general, throw some energy in fixing Maya on Snow Leopard before anything else!

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