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1. Set up a new account (System Preferences > Accounts)
2. Enable fast user switching so you can switch between account (System Preferences > Accounts > Login Options)
3. Use the secondary account when powering on the computer
4. Switch over to your main account and everything should work fine

I've a new imac 27" and maya 2011 is very slow. can't fix.
I'm very dissapointed with AUTODESK. please Autodesk, do something bout it.
still waiting

I reiterate the question how to fix this error: "A license related problem has occurred. [- 12] ". (I have Mac OS X 10.5.8) Does anyone know where the reason is? I downloaded Maya 2010 trial version from my student account, got serial number but it didn't work.
I would be very grateful for your help!!

macbook pro 2010 w/t snow leopard os 10.6.3 and maya 2008 will not install. however by using the migration method from old macbook pro to 2010 macbook pro via firewire i was able to upload my 2008 version of maya. i requested and got new activation code. maya started right up. does not seem to have any issues as of yet (you may have to delete old or redundant applications after upload). i did do an os repair via SL DVD utility just in case as well. you are welcome to try, if you are in a similar situation. there does not seem to be many answers out there regarding this dilemma. please pass on to others. sure beats buying upgrade or new.

i've been using maya since ages ago (started with Maya on SGI Indigo and later "Alias|Wavefront" Maya 2.5 on pc) and i shifted to new versions through these years and never had a problem, but since poor maya got to the hands of autodesk geniuses this problems started and since months ago practically i'm unable to use maya (thanks to both autodesk and apple for not caring at all about thousands of unsatisfied users!) , i tried every solution i found on the net (obviously not offered by autodesk neither apple but other poor people that did the mistake to be a customer of apple or "autodesk" maya!)
**finally i found something really irrelevant that worked for me, somebody in the net suggested to make another account and install maya in that account and after maya works better on the native account!!! actually it worked for me ! at least i got rid of the turning wheel every time i click to select ! i hope it helps the others as well cause i know how it's like to spend thousands and be unable to use "autodesk" maya on the best mac in the market.
again thank you guys in autodesk for not caring at all , we all really appreciate that, continue your "investigations"!
you guys surely showed that you don't deserve this beautiful peace of software Maya!

I can't believe that having a Mac will be worse that have a PC, for 3D modeling purposes... This really sucks, most of animators use Mac, so please fix this freaking bug as soon as posible.

Nunca pensé que el hecho de tener una Mac me iba a traer mas problemas al modelar en 3D que una PC... Esto realmente apesta, la mayoría de los animadores usamos Mac, así que arreglen esto pronto por favor.

Running Maya 2010 with 10.5.8 as well and every couple of seconds it hangs and pauses (with rotating color wheel). Is this a Maya, OS or driver issue? If anyone here has a fix please post here. I have an unused Starbucks $10 gift card and I'll mail it to the first person who posts a fix for me. Thank you!

its great that it works on snow leopard!

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For those that notice a CD/DVD ROM access sound randomly while working with Maya 2010 on SL, just pop in a disk. I've had the annoying occasional zz zz sound as if my 17 MBP is trying to look for a CD in the drive when working with 2010. The noise is completely random and gets pretty often sometimes... very freaking annoying. Now I just pop in a blank disk and no sound at all. Hope that helps.

now it´s qualified:

I have a brand new imac 27 I5 and maya 2010 is really slow and crash all the time, that sucks.

Mike, I have the same problems on Snow Leopard, so no that is not your solution... I cant believe no one knows how to fix this problem since it is affecting almost everyone using Mac and Maya!

I have an imac i5 with 4 gb ram and this shitty Autodesk maya 2010 is lagging all the time. Help please.

Have been using Maya 2010 on a OS 10.5.8 and it shortly freezes when I click in the outliner or change tools move in the viewport. Very slow to work with W.T.F. Anyone have any solution, should I upgrade to SL?

I am still having the display problems, extremely slow when I select control vertex and want to move it around... I am using OS X 10.6.2 on a 27" iMac with 4GB of ram... Anyone know if there is a fix for this ??

MAYA 2009 SP1 works very well with Snow Leopard only SP1 and all other versions are completely unusable.

I use Maya for the animation on a mac pro 2007
if it can help some people.


i'm having problems with maya 2010 i just got a MBP 17"
its worst than my old p4 2.8 512 ram 64 video toshiba
even with an empty scene i create a sphere and start tracking or dollying it slows down and gets pretty slow

i have an unibody MBP 17 inch that runs Maya 2010.
works fine without crashes so far....

OS: 10.6.2 SL

The only Problem is that my HD seems not to be as fast as maya wants my HD to be.....maybe i have to try it out with an 7200 Laptop HD instead of an 5400HD???

everytime i switch my tools or into edge modus and back and forth it shortly freezes....sucks when working hours with maya 2010.....

Exploring the possibility of this being a hardware issue. Maya 2010 seems to be running okay on another mac that I have running 10.6.2. I apologize for being so frustrated. Thanks.

Okay, so I caved and tried to install 10.5 leopard on my new mac pro. It's not possible. So now I have a machine that I paid $7,000 for that wont run Maya. Installed Maya 2010, it runs but completely crashes my whole system when rendering with final gather. When is Maya for mac going to run at least as well as Maya on PC??? This is truly a shame.

This is extremely frustrating an disappointing. I just purchased a new 8 core mac pro and installed a quadro fx 4800. Installed Maya 2009 and it freezes my computer every time I open it. Autodesk, seriously, what is going on? How could something like this happen? You really expect us to downgrade to the old OS because you are not up to speed? Ridiculous.

I have snow leopard and an iMac.
I have just downloaded maya 2010 trial from the website and installed it successfully but when i try to run it i get this error
"A license related problem has occurred. [- 12] "

and then it quits.
Any one else experienced this?
I cant try or use maya!
What should i do?
Thank you

Just downloaded Maya 2010 on my MacBook Pro, works great, but I'm used to working on Windows. Does anyone have a quick link to where I could find the shortcut keys for a MacBook Pro and Maya? I have the trial version right now, so have not been able to tap into the autodesk help...

Seven months later and no fix?

Seems pretty obvious that autodesk is either incompetent or they do not care. Not even temporary patches or suggestions... yet another nail in the coffin.

This thread and the half dozen other ones just like it around the web, all full of frustrated users, are embarrassingly sad. It's the kind of backwards thinking and neglect that convince customers to walk away. I can no longer justify paying for this app.

On Toxik, even though permissions looked exactly the same as on my other mac (which is running Leopard and toxik works fine) I found that if I trashed the /var/tmp/toxik directory and restarted it on my MBP, that it created the directory fine this time and worked. I'm assuming that something in the old directory was causing the issue. Anyway, problem solved as far as the Toxik crashing or not starting.

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