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Hi Lucas,

I'm afraid this blog is not the place for troubleshooting issues like these.

If you have a Support contract with Autodesk, please log a Service Request through the Subscription Centre - or post the question on the Ask Autodesk Maya forums (again in Sub. Centre) - one of my colleagues will troubleshoot the issue with you within 4 business hours of you logging the case.

Otherwise, you could try the Maya forums on The Area, and you will get a response from other readers.

Either way, you will need to supply more information: did this happen the first time you loaded Maya 2010 ? Did you copy your User Prefs across from Maya 2009? Does the problem persist with fresh Prefs? What OS are you running on?



What does this mean? I go to render settings and all render options are blank?

# AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'rigRoot' #

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