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Hey GBoucher, thanks for posting your solution !

Finally, we found out how to do it with Mudbox 2010!

msiexec /i "AutodeskMudbox2010.1.msi" ACADSERIALPREFIX=352 ACADSERIALNUMBER=12345678 ADLM_PRODKEY=Product key ADLMPRODUCTKEY=Product key ADLMLICENSETYPE=3 ACADSTANDALONENETWORKTYPE=3 MUDADLMLICENSETYPE=1 /qn /L WE "c:\Windows\mudbox_2010_x86_log.txt"

Hope it helps someone!

Hi! I was able to install maya 2010 silently with this:

But now I'm trying to do the same thing with Mudbox 2010 SP1:

So I just change the MSI to mudbox and it does install silently without any problem. But when I launch Mudbox it then ask me to activate it since my serial number is now 000-00000000!! Anyone knows how to correct this?

This method works great for me with 32-bit maya2010 on XP32.

I can't get it to work correctly with 64-bit maya2010 on XP64.

The install will complete and the maya 2010 files are written to disk, but maya.exe will not launch.

Is there another required step to get this to work on XP64?

I'm always grateful when a software developer makes a silent install package. Pushing these packages out via SCCM makes everyone life easier. So, lets go through the statement above a pick out what doesn't seem quite right.

MSIexec uses /i to install see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314881

The commands following the .msi file (ADLMSERIALNUMBER=...)will be left off the installation unless the entire thing is enclosed in quotes. Windows will stop the install command at any unquoted space. Simply copy/paste to a command windows will produce "The system cannot find the file specified.".

No silent switches seem to be passed to the MSI installer (e.g. /qn or /qb)

***WARNING*** do NOT do the standard
msiexec /i maya2010.msi /qn

Yes, this will install silently install maya on any machine, but it will break the uninstall as you didn't specify LICENSE TYPE in the registry. Which it looks for and fails on in the uninstall.

Anyone have any other options?
personally, I'm going to try using Orca to hacksaw the maya2010.msi or scite4autoit to have it hide and hit next buttons for me. /sigh

Hi, this didn't work for me. When I run it, it just launches the GUI installer. I'm using a flexlm server, so I take it that I put in 000-0000000 for the serial, and 5 0's for the product key. What does ADLMLICENSETYPE mean? I see your example says 3, what do 1 or 2 do?

How about on OS X? Is there a silent install option?


thx for deleting my good comment, geez

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