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Hi owen.
How do you Trigger an event when you change an attribute if the file is referenced.The script will be in the file i will reference.But pCube1.fruity will get a namespace say Ex:pCube1.fruity.
so i store pCube1 into a string variable.

It gives a error cannot find attribute pCube1.fruity because The line int $index = ` scriptJob -attributeChange ($cube+".fruity") is out side the global proc.
It works fine if i dont reference the file.

My script

int $switch = `scriptJob -kws -ac (ctrl+".Mesh") "selection" ` ;

proc selection()
string $ctrlT[0] = `ls-sl `;
$namespace = `match ".*:"$ctrlT[0]`;
$ctrl = $ctrlT[0];
select -r $ctrl;
int $a = `getAttr ($ctrl +".Mesh")`;
if($a == 1)
print "ok";
print "notOk";


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