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The tech alerts were a valuable resource that was lost in the site change-over.

They were easy to find, easy to read and were to the point, now I think, its possible to search somewhere on the subscription site, but I have had no luck with finding issues like I used to be able to.

Sometimes just making a cup of tea, logging and browsing through the know tech alerts was how I was alerted to problems that I thought were just my scripts or user error etc.


When I wrote it I was sure there would be many issues with making the whole database public, I bet the technical issues alone would be painful.

Yes I think a list of confirmed bugs, known issues and limitations, would be nice. It could also contain available workarounds. Of course if you were to include too broad a description of what constitutes a bug then this would no doubt become unwieldy.

It would be another step towards making Autodesk seem a little more open, lately there has been a lot of interaction between Autodesk and users online. But, you still have to fight the perception that Autodesk is just a big uncaring corporation, and something like this could help.

We had something like a public knowledgebase of known issues. They were called Tech Alerts. Would you want to see those back? I don't think that we could share what's really in our bug database. There's far too much very confidential information (also from customers) in there and the majority of bugs is against internal versions, pre-alpha, alpha and betas anyway, that you may never encounter. But if you would want to see an overview of known issues; that's something we can talk about.

The problem with CER is that it only exists under Windows which is a shame for those working on Linux/Mac, as Autodesk seems to be porting a few more applications to Mac perhaps we will one day see CER on other platforms?

I believe that the database of bugs and or feature suggestions should be made public where we can see Autodesk's response to specific bugs. There is a serious undo bug in Max at the moment but from what I have seen the users are reacting less frustrated because members of the dev team have been seen on forums actively trying to get to the bottom of it. This would also help when it comes down to determining whether a problem was with Maya or Mental Ray for example.

Of course a system like Houdini where builds are more frequently made available to fix bugs would be ideal.

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