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Sure, thanks for the reply.

I find Maya a very stable program - I have no issue with stability.

Most of the mental ray problems can be broken down into "How to" and "Incorrect Result" I guess. The rest would be the just other normal issues like mental ray bugs and also the implementation of mental ray itself.

[For example, when I speak of the "implementation" I mean the way the performance issues with the Hypershade when using mia_materials and big textures for example.]

Yes, it would be nice for rendering tutorials and solutions - but there are already blogs like Cory's and Captain Proton's that are useful. However, I'd most welcome tutorials for explaining extremely detailed methods and new technology like Irradiance Particles workflows and their limitations...or how to set up render proxies using the geo shader instead of the slow BSP2 proxies method...etc...Things like that would be useful I think.

I resolve most of my issues via CGTalk because of the interactivity there and short time before a question is resolved. However, I've noticed this site and many other blogs like this which is full of very useful information.

I'm happy to answer any more questions you have as well. Feel free to ask, because I'd love to help out anyway possible with improving Maya.

Thank you.


Could you break down this 80% and tell us how you would categorise your problems:
. Crash/hang
. Incorrect result
. How to

If a large proportion is Incorrect result and How to, then maybe - in the short term - we should be writing more tutorials and solutions. Would this help?

Also, if you care to share, when you encounter a problem with MRfM, where do you go for help?


Reading most of the forums and speaking to a number of people - mental ray integration should be high on the priority list. Personally, I'd go so far as too say around %80 of my troubles within Maya are due to rendering problems.

Mental Ray is a great render but its terribly far behind when compared to the tight integration with XSI and Max respectively.

A monthly build or weekly build of mental ray fixes for subscription users would be fantastic! I mean there is a service pack every 6 months, a full release every year, but sometimes there are serious bugs and limitations that exist which would be nice to have a shorter turnaround time to fix rather than 6 months. Especially one man teams and for those without access to any TD's.

Vray beta for Maya is a great example. You post a bug, then usually within the next build the bug is fixed. That would be great to have with mr4maya.

With regards to Python adoption I think it is clearly one of the most important features added to Maya, and incredibly useful in pipelines. But most people seem to agree it is not very well integrated into Maya, which is a shame as the architecture of Maya seems like it should fit nicely with Object-Oriented Programming.

I am not surprised it sometimes confuses people as it is almost a cross between MEL and Python rather than natural Python. So really this is just a long winded way of saying PyMEL rocks and is how Python in Maya really should be.

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