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Hi Eric,

I've logged an SR for you. For two reasons:
1) we keep track of how many times an issue comes up.
2) we can contact you directly to troubleshoot if necessary.

Also, this blog is not really designed as a support forum - I can't guarantee a response within 4 hours, which you're entitled to as a Gold Support customer..If you log an SR, then one of my colleagues will pick it up and answer you asap..In other words, you get the service you pay for :)

Now, about that dongle...


oops, a clarification:
/usr/aw/COM/bin/lmhostid -flexid does correctly identify my USB dongle ID.
maya's just not picking it up for some reason :(

Nice Podcast on using Maya under Linux.
I'm wondering if you know whether the USB HASP keys are finally supposed to work on 64-bit Linux now that it's the only version available in Maya 2009?
I'm trying to get it working under FC8-x86_64 and the apcw recognizes my dongle just fine with any of the available aksusbd versions I could find (aksusbd-1.5-1, 1.8.1-3, and 1.14-3, all .i386) and it also thinks my license key is valid, but Maya always kicks me to the apcw (doing FLEXLM_DIAG shows hostid mismatch) and all of the lmutil hostid checks only return my NIC MAC. :(
I haven't sent in a support request yet, but I guess I can try that.

thanks for posting,
The main prob I have with the pod casts is they don't organize by Dates.

Not sure if you have any pull, but It would be great if when a pod cast goes up, it had a date on it.


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