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Actually, such bug will continue to persist on the same file and will affect all the files you open next.

It is best to open clean scene (with pref reset), then import the scene. That will hopefully fix the bug of default viewport not showing manipulator.

Terrible bug, seriously.

Default Perspective somewhat corrupted and no longer showing manipulator. Not sure what is causing this issue in the first place.

But the trick by Robson Nunes did fix the issue. I got some students with same problems.

So TEAR OFF copy the corrupted 3D viewport and get back Perspective camera.

Seriously, this is really horrible bug because it is really unusual. And if you try to Ctrl+N for new file, this bug continues.

Thanks Robson.

anybody face problem like this:
I use the move tool to move an object but only work on one click then its automatic back to selection tool. I have to used the W key after one click to active the move tool again. What wrong with this? Please help!!

1. Select the Move Tool and open the Tool options.
2. Turn off Tweak mode.

this worked for me.....thank you!!

I have the same issue, but found a way around it. For whatever reason, the manipulation tools don't show up ONLY on the top right panel. If you activate the "perspective" view on any of the other panels, everything will show just fine... weird, I know. So it's pretty much assigning one of the views you don't really use, (either the left, right or top view), on the top right panel and then viewing the "perspective" on any of the other panels.

Hope this helps.

Is there a fix when the manipulators disappear during playback?

sweet! thanks a lot man

Dude, I don't know why, but I just can't move tangents on the Graph editor on 2010 MAC OS Anyone had the same problem?

just press "D" shift + d..

my rotate and scale tools are shown and works only in one window. they dissapiared in others. please help.

Please help. I'm running Maya 2011 on a Macbook Pro. There is no "insert" button, so how can I toggle to move the pivot?

It's the graphics card drivers. I've had the same problem with the manipulators not showing in the perspective view. I have Geforce 8600 gts and once I installed the latest drivers the problem disappeared

I have to use this new tool to have our own criteria, but this description so I stay interested.

...an even faster way to fix it:

just tear off the bad panel on the panel menu.


Here how to fix it:

It´s a bug with the panel u´re looking through.
Just open the Panel Editor and reset it.



In the perspective view's Show menu, check that Manipulators is ticked.

I forgot to mention that they're only missing in the Perspective view.

Thanks again.

Hi all

I've tried all the above, but still all three of my manipulators won't show? They do show when I open up one of my other scenes.
PLEASE help!


How to move objects/components from or to the camera.

YOu the man!!!

For people who still have no move tool-

With the help of this page's info I solved this
by first activating the move tool (which wasn't
appearing anyway) then going into:
Modify/Transformation tools/Move tool,
then clicked the square icon next to move tool
to display options.
Once in options I clicked "reset tool"

hi every ones :)

I've the same problem, and don't know how to solve it.
I run macos.

By default the MMB in leopard is assigned to the "expose" feature, and i tricked in the hotKey to be able to move things in Hypershade (with ctrl+MMB).

The thing is that i'm not able to do the same for the graphEditor :( :( :(

I can select a key, i can select the tangents ... but cannot move anything :(

I've pressed w, nothing appear

any ideas please of the name of this jeyMoveFeature in the hotKeysEditor0 ?

thks in advance

First you have to select the key, then when the tangents appear, you have to select the tangent handle you want to move to modify the curve- using the MMB.

But from what you write, it sounds like you got that far already.

Can you drag and drop materials from the Hypershade into the viewport using the MMB ? That will tell you if it's the mouse or not.

If so I would double check your mouse settings in Windows to make sure that you have the MMB set to "second mouse button" or something similar..

FYI, I have a 3 button SGI mouse that I bought off Ebay.......it's the bees knees AFAIC.


Your mouse shouldn't be any problem, I have the same setup. Make sure to press w in your graph editor to enable your move tool, use middle mouse button to move your keys. hope that helps!

If you know the answer to this question I'd be greatful! I am a hand drawn animator currently training in maya but for the life of my I cannot manipulate/adjust any tangents on my graph editor to finess the spacing. I can select them, but but not move them. I have a three button mouse with a scroll wheel as the middle button, is this the problem. thanks!

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